Irish Wolfhound Puppies

Find your way to a reputable breeder

Irish Wolfhound has been put together as a response to the number of Irish Wolfhound Puppies advertised on Internet Sales websites. Our aim here is to help people looking for an Irish Wolfhound Puppy find their way to a responsible breeder. We hope you enjoy finding out about all the different aspects of living with a Wolfhound, it is so important to do your research before buying a puppy.

Download the Breed Guide for essential information

You can contact the Breed Clubs for more information and also follow the link to Health, to learn more about any health issues facing the breed and any current health projects. Go to the Irish Wolfhound Health Group website to learn more. We would suggest seeking a breeder who is a member of one of the four breed clubs this is a good indicator as they have to breed to an accepted Code of Ethics.

Check if your breeder is commercial - i.e. council licenced, several breeds, we would not include those in this website.

Contact us via the Available Litters Page, but are also encouraged to contact the Breed Clubs for advice on where to buy puppies, please see the links to Breed Clubs.

You can find out about the origins of the Wolfhound via the excellent Irish Wolfhound History site.

Advice and Information on living with an Irish Wolfhound.

If you have any queries in the meantime contact Site Admin.