Irish Wolfhound Puppies

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Wolfhounds remain one of the healthiest of the Giant breeds as apart from their size, they do not have any conformational exaggerations and remain very much the functional make and shape they were intended to be.

The main causes of death with Wolfhounds remain the same as they have always been, i.e. Osteosarcoma, heart disease and bloat.

The Irish Wolfhound Health Group is comprised of established representatives within the breed and is the official site for information on breed health in the UK. On the Health Group Website you will find information on any conditions affecting the breed and the current breed specific research programs that are looking into them, together with ways in which you can help.

The Irish Wolfhound Health Group can also be found on facebook.

Please pay a visit to the website because if you already own a Wolfhound, the information on your own hound's health could be a valuable contribution to the research, and information on how you can submit information is given on the site.

You will also find information on Regional Heart Testing where you can get your Wolfhound fully heart checked at a subsidised rate. This is a great advantage to be able to pick up any potential problems in the very early stages.