Irish Wolfhound Puppies

Find your way to a reputable breeder

If you are responding to any internet adverts for puppies, please try and avoid Commercial style breeders (who may have other breeds on sale also).  Please ensure you meet the dam of a litter for more than two or three minutes. Do not be surprised if the sire isn't there, as most breeders travel elsewhere to use a dog. If you go to a breeder who is also a member of one of the breed clubs, this is a positive because they will be working within a Code of Conduct regarding breeding ethics.  The importance of obtaining puppies from breeders or owners who look on their dogs as their companions and friends – and not just dogs (or even worse, units of commercial enterprise) cannot be stressed enough. In other words, it underlines to new owners the importance of finding a good breeder – and not buying their puppy from internet adverts, pet shops or puppy farmers.

These are some key points from the Code of Conduct to be aware of:

  • Both parents of the litter must have been heart tested within the 12 month period prior to the litter being born, the minimum test requirement comprisng examination by stethoscope, ECG and Ultrasound scan.
  • Bitches not to produce a litter under two years of age.
  • Bitches not to produce more than three litters in their lifetime.
  • Bitches not to produce more than one litter in a twelve month period.
  • Maximum age for bitches to produce a litter is six + years.
  • To screen puppies for Livershunt before going to their new home.
  • Ensure that all homes are vetted and puppies leave the breeder with an appropriate diet sheet and advice on rearing.

The Irish Wolfhound Club UK has a section on avoiding puppy farms which we would recommend reading as they are not as easy to identify as you may think. 

Questions to ask someone advertising a litter for sale

  • Are they a member of one of the Breed Clubs?
  • Have they got current heart test certificates for Sire and Dam?(dated within 12 months of the litter being born)
  • Have the puppies been Livershunt Tested and passed clear - a copy Certificate should be provided.
  • Please have patience ..... it's a virtue when waiting for a puppy from the right breeder....

Of course, there can never be any guarantees when buying a puppy. 

You must always do your own research when contacting a breeder and as a puppy buyer, you are encouraged to ask whether they have adhered to the above points.  Breeding to an accepted standard is an indication that the breeder is doing their best for the health and happiness of both the mum and her puppies.