Irish Wolfhound Puppies

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There have been several Irish Wolfhounds who have served as Pets As Therapy dogs. It goes without saying that to do this type of work the dogs have to be absolutely sound in temperament and the gentle trusting nature of these dogs has made these participating hounds a great success.

The dogs provide therapeutic visits to hospitals, hospices, special needs schools and other venues with their owners. Before any dog can be an approved PAT visitor, it has to be temperament and health tested by the PAT accredited assessors and qualified vets working for the organization, and in addition they need two character references. Each dog has an identifying tag on its collar and many wear a distinctive yellow coat. 

The owner has an ID badge which is worn for security at all times when visiting. This activity is very rewarding, the owners who participate have said how wonderful the dogs are with the people they visit, they show no fear and are not judgmental, it is touching and remarkable how people who would normally be withdrawn and uncommunicative light up when the Wolfhound appears and reach out for a hug.